Alexa Skills Kit Tutorial: The Guide To Build Your Alexa Skill

When Quentin told me about his project to publish a Skill for Anythings, I must admit that I was a bit scared. It returned out that building an Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo is not that hard. With this Alexa Skills Kit tutorial, I will give you the path and some hints to create your own Alexa Skill with Alexa Skills Kit. Feel free to comment with your questions if you get in trouble during your development phase.

Update: Make sure to try our new skill SMS With Molly. It lets you send free text messages to your friends and family.
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Elgato Eve Weather Review – HomeKit Outdoor Sensor

This is the Elgato Eve Weather review. I just received the first HomeKit-compatible outdoor weather sensor and I am quite excited to add this device to my gear. The Elgato Eve Weather monitors temperature, humidity and air pressure. The device is sold for $49.95 on Amazon. Eve Weather is one device among the 4 HomeKit compatible devices from Elgato. The three others are Eve Room: an indoor sensor, Eve Door & Window: an opening sensor, and Eve Energy: a smart plug. We will see how this sensor compares to the Netatmo Weather Station and the SmartThings Motion Sensor. It’s also good opportunity to discover how HomeKit and Siri work. Let’s find this out.
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The Apple Watch Guide For A More Useful Smartwatch

I have a love-hate relationship with the Apple Watch. I am still wondering if it’s useful enough to bother me charging it every day. So I listed here any benefits the watch has so that you can get the most out of it. My favorite features are heart rate monitoring, Siri to control HomeKit devices and the customization of the watch. Maybe for you it will be the notifications at glance or phoning from your wrist. The Apple Watch price starts from $349 with the Apple Watch Sport. The watch is available on Amazon.

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